Author: Attorney D. David Barry

If you are stopped by an officer, always be cooperative, courteous, and honest; It influences the disposition of your ticket more than you would expect. Once you’ve been issued a ticket, carefully read your ticket.  

Do you have a mandatory or non-mandatory court appearance? When and where is your court appearance? Make sure you put it on your calendar and keep the ticket in a place where you can find it. If you miss your court date you will be found guilty, but MAY be able to reopen the conviction.  

A moving traffic conviction can affect your privilege to drive in Wisconsin. For out of state residents the violation is usually reported to your State Department of Transportation. Moving traffic convictions will also, likely, increase the cost of your auto insurance, especially with teenagers.

Driving under the influence (DUI) tickets (also referred to as OWI - operating while intoxicated) can and often will result in large fines, suspension/revocation of your license, jail time, and higher insurance costs.  

It is very important that you contact a lawyer immediately to make sure you have representation and legal advice early and often. A lawyer can get typically help by getting dismissals, point reduction, tickets reduced to non-moving violations, and lower fines.

Traffic Ticket Advice